Tandav as traditionally known, is a dance form promoted by Shiva in his Nataraj avatar. As Nataraj, Shiva is believed to assume two states – the super-conscious state (samadhi), also known as the unmanifest (nirgun) and the tandav, also known as the manifest (sagun). As Nataraj, Shiva is the dancer as well as the observer. The role that Nataraj plays is to bring about activity in the Universe with the commencement of Tandav and to merge all creation into him when he stops it. In short, Nataraj is the manifest representation of all activity of God. In other words, Natraj is the metaphysical representation of  "Being Divine" in the physical realm. 


At Shiva’s Abode, Tandav, a 7-day experiential workshop is an alchemical journey towards "Living our Paradise on Earth, as it is in Heaven". Along this journey, each one is guided towards their unique life purpose and their inherent gift and magic. The focus is on each one's core strength and passion rather than the core issue.

We work on the principle that all of us are co-created from the sacred union between the feminine principle (yin) and the masculine principle (yang), and, hence, have both the feminine and the masculine essence within us. This forms the basis of our DNA composition and becomes our Divine Essence (God-like Essence).

Everything that we co-create around us in our daily life like career, relationships, material belongings, etc. is a bi-product of this divine essence. It governs our everyday thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions in this life. However, our Divine Essence can get convoluted by Conditioning, Comparison or Competition causing disharmony in the physical state thereby taking us further and further away from "Being Me" and hence, further away from "Living my Paradise on Earth".

Tandav makes way to the soul through the mind. It works with the mind through a series of behavioral questions and makes you aware of the games that you play with yourself. The program then explains the energy and chakra system and the yin-yang interplay at each chakra for both manifestation and liberation. Breathing exercises and meditations keep the energy system free flowing in order to maintain a healthy physical body and to dissipate the blocks that are coming in the way of manifestation and/or liberation. On proper understanding of the chakra system, there are meditations to re-instate the Shakti (Goddess) on each chakra and awaken the Kundalini Shakti, thereby also facilitating Karmic Acceleration so that you can be an embodiment of your Divine-Self in the current physical form.

a seven-day experiential workshop comprises of 3 parts...

Part 1 (3-days) is designed to

  • Re-align you with your Divine Yin-Yang Essence using the ODE Calibrator
  • Make your mind your best friend in order to make way for soul consciousness.
Part 2 (2-days) is designed to:
  • Understand your chakra body and get in touch with energy consciousness.
  • Understand your yin-yang interplay at each chakra for the balanced functioning of the energy system.
  • Get in touch with blocks that hinder your journey of manifestation and/or liberation, and become empowered to dissipate these blocks in day-to-day life.
Part 3 (2-days) is designed to:

In short, Tandav bridges the gap between metaphysics and physics so as to be divine in the physical manifest state (on earth) just like you are divine in the metaphysical unmanifest state (in heaven)...as above so below so that you can "live your paradise on earth, as it is in heaven".

Standard Days : 7 days (in one go or over two weekends)
Standard Timings : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm 
Call : (+91) 9820522789 
Check the events schedule for the dates. 

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